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I never really imagined wanting to work from home until vacation days from my desk job started to feel more stressful than vacation-y. Then, I got married to a teacher with two boys and I hated leaving them home all summer while I went to work. Every night, from the day school was out until that first day back in class, our younger son will ask me "Gabi... do you have to go to work tomorrow?" and he never sounds happy about it. Talk about heartbreaking.

But I never thought I had what it took to work from home, to build my own business, or to really be that valuable to others outside of my degree and day job. I thought I was too introverted & way too busy. While I'm still loving (and working) my day job, I'm so excited for the chance we have to grow our business from home, eventually work from home, and help other do the same in a field that really really matters -- health! 

And so I feel it’s my obligation to make you aware how life changing this business can be.

I was totally skeptical too.. so were a bunch of people (even family and close friends) around me. But people say things because of previous experiences that have no relevance to this unique business and your unique self.

Deciding to become a coach has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s changed my life for the better and my family’s life for the better. I love my fellow coaches like family! There’s no need for sales pressure, fitness/nutrition expertise, or experience of any kind. My coaches are just people who like the way being healthy makes them feel - strong, confident, and empowered - and love to help others while they’re on their own fitness journey.

Everything else you would need, I provide in trainings you watch/hear at your convenience.

So, do these three things…

  1. Watch the video by my awesome coach and mentor, Jenelle, below. She says it all so much better than I ever could!
  2. Fill out the form so I can send you more information about becoming a coach.
  3. Get ready to see a change in your life!

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