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Like you, I love sharing products I've found that I love and when I can grab a coupon code for you, I do! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you but I only link to and recommend products that I've tried or trust! Please don't feel obligated to purchase through my links.

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Sarah Wells Bags - Going back to work after baby is hard enough but if you're trying to pump and work not-from-home, that just adds to what all has to go with you. I can't say enough good about Sarah Wells Bags, their customer service, and the VIP community they've created on facebook. I don't have a coupon code for you on this one BUT if you join their mailing list, they usually mail you a first time order coupon code. I have, love using, and always get compliments on my Claire bag (brown), Kelly bag (deco), two pumparoos (anchor and deco), pumpease (deco), and cold gold bottle cooler (deco). Definitely worth checking out!!

Latched Mama - Nursing-friendly clothes have come a long way but sometimes it's still hard to find something cute, quality, and easy to use. I really like my dress from Latched Mama and can't wait to order more of her stuff. You wouldn't believe the number of compliments I got and no one could tell it was made to be a nursing-friendly dress! I don't have a coupon code for this one either but they send out promos to their email list so sign up if you're interested in that!

Final Straw - because single use plastic straws are no good for the environment and what's unhealthy for our environment is unhealthy for us. I really like my straw because it's easy to clean, easy to take everywhere (mine is clipped on my keys), and it helps me enjoy cold beverages despite have super sensitive teeth without adding to plastic waste! Click here and use code GabiF for 10% off!

Rothy's Shoes - upcycled water bottles become cute, comfy flats that you can wash in your washing machine. Tree-hugging busy mommas rejoice! I really like these shoes because they're super cute (the flaxseed color goes with just about everything in my closet), comfortable enough to wear all day, and stinky flats make me sad so the fact that they're so easy to wash is amazing. Add to that the earth-friendly mission they're on and I'm all in! I took advantage of a friend's referral code to buy mine at $20 off so I hope you'll enjoy the $20 off you can get by clicking here to place your order.

Keep Collective - I had to add this one in even if just for fun! Their jewelry (and more) has made for some awesome gifts, I have a pretty good collection going myself and so I've always got the right jewelry for the occassion, and I give personalized Keep as gifts to my team!I really like this line because you can customize your look, create meaningful looks for yourself or to gift, and their monthly collector's edition stuff is freaking adorable. You'll get $10 off your first $50 order if you click here PLUS you'll get connected with my friend, Ashley, who is always SUCH a help in picking out the perfect pieces!

Smilo baby - Alexander was born with a pretty severe tongue tie but these bottles still worked great for him. He transitions back and forth from nursing to bottle really easily, we haven't had colic issues with him, they reheat, clean, and store super well... I can't imagine using anything else! If you use this link, you'll get 15% off your first order plus free shipping! We started with the smaller bottles but use the larger ones almost exclusively now.

Betabrand - They had me at "wear yoga pants to work"...but seriously. I've gotten so many compliments on the pants, wrap, and shoes I ordered from them and the new projects they've got going are always fun. Check it out through this link for a discount on your first order!

The Sleep Styler - I have long, thick, naturally frizzy-curly hair so if I go to bed with wet hair (say after an evening workout), I'm likely going to wake up with super frizzy hair. Enter these curlers. I will say that I was super skeptical of them at first but I'm so so glad I bought them (2 packs of the large ones more than takes care of me but one wouldn't be enough) because I don't have to worry about heat damage or doing my hair in the morning. I literally wear these overnight until right before we have to leave the house and my hair always looks great as a result. File these under "I really should use them more..."

Cora - I'm all about going more natural and ladies, our feminine products are top offenders! I started using Cora's organic, no additive / fragrance tampons and liners and have been so happy with them, I finally started a subscription. You can find them at Target and Amazon or set up a subscription (promo link to get you a discount coming soon!).


ThredUp - This is another one that a friend shared with me and I'm super happy to pay it forward because woah. I've cleaned out my closet a few times (total of at least 9 massive bags out the door so far) with this and I've found some cute items to buy there too. I really like using ThredUp because it gives me some extra motivation to purge my clothes and accessories, I've made over $130 and counting without having to do any picture taking or ad posting or shipping, and everything they don't sell gets upcycled responsibly. Count. Me. In. You'll get $10 off your first order if you use my link so feel free to check that out too!

Instacart - ok so I'm late to the party on this one but why???? I despise grocery shopping and Curt really doesn't love it when I add a bunch of stuff to the list that he's not familiar with. Plus now that we've got a little one, making a "quick run" for anything isn't a reality. I really like using Instacart for those last minute groceries to make something new or get groceries I don't have in our regular shopping rotation because I can specify what I want and it's at our door in a couple of hours without ever having to leave home. Check it out and save $10 on your first order through this link by clicking here.

Airbnb - sign up for Airbnb with this link and get $40 off their home booking plus get $15 to use toward an experience worth $50 or more!

Constant Contact - Boss babes (and dudes!) unite! Constant Contact is my go-to for sending emails and I love all of the functionality! Get $30 off a paid plan with this link.

Shopping and Cashback

Honey Gold - I'll be honest... I don't know how much I've saved using this but it has definitely found at least a dozen coupon codes for me for purchases I was making anyway plus it's found cheaper prices for the same thing when I'm shopping on Amazon. Definitely a nice plug-in to have installed on your browser (especially at Christmas). I really like this because I just have the plug-in installed on my Chrome browser and it does the rest. It even tests coupon codes for me so I don't have to do a thing! Oh and I've gotten at least $10 cash back for stuff I was buying anyway. Click here to check it out and sign up. (I do get $5 in "Honey Gold" if you place an order with your account but I'd share this regardless!)

Swagbucks - Ok so you can do a TON on this site but I'm sharing it because I've earned over $400 in cashback by ordering online with this plug-in on my browser. All I have to do is activate it on associated sites and I get cashback on stuff I was going to buy anyway. Like Honey Gold, this one also finds coupon codes for you! I really like this because I can order -- even order for same day in-store pick up -- online and a. I don't have to shop the store - just run in and pick up and b. I get really amazing amounts of money back. The cash back here basically covered our Christmas shopping one year. My favorite associated sites are Target, Best Buy, and Expedia. Check it out here and also use this link to install the button on your browser for easy shopping! (I do get some points if you use my links depending on what you chose to do with it but I'm happy to share this regardless of any reward on my end!)
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