Take Back Your Time

Did you set a resolution to have more margins in your day this year? More time for the things that you love? With the right intentions for your day and a little dedication to a schedule, you can take back your time this New Year and build habits that will last the whole year through!

Thursday to Thursday Rule: Fridays are Fun, Saturdays are busy and Sundays are scary, so why wait to plan the rest of our days then? Thursday afternoon, take out your weekly planner (paper or digital!) write in the things you know you have to do over the following week.

Schedule Your Workout Like an Appointment: Every time you say, “I don’t have time”, try “That’s not a priority to me” and see how that feels! Sucky, right? You wouldn’t schedule a dental appointment and then skip it 5 minutes before, so why do we do this to our workouts ALL the time? Remember that planner from #1? After you add in the must do’s of your week, add in your workout times! Make an appointment with yourself and don’t skip it. YOU are way more important than that tooth cleaning!

The Cupcake Method: So your week ahead is looking pretty good, let’s focus in on the day-to-day! I like to follow the cupcake method to plan my day. Starting with the cake, what are three things you MUST DO in your day? Write those in first. Make sure they are must-dos; prioritize your time and ask, “Can this wait til later?” Then, move to the icing! Write down three tasks that would be bonus-dos. Lastly, SPRINKLES! What is the one thing you’d like to do as a reward for yourself for taking back your time? You deserve it!

Stay Warm This Winter

I love switching my workout up- which is why my streaming platform is amazing - there are over 75 choices!

Looking for a quick workout? Repeat these moves three times through for a quick sweat that will stay with you til your next workout! And as always, modify if you need to!

Are you following a program right now? I would love to connect and get you set up with one that fits your lifestyle! We’ve got something for everyone!

A Cup of Cozy

What is your warm drink of choice? Do you love your coffee in the morning? Or do you enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or before bedtime? What about hot chocolate- or the ever popular hot chocolate bombs?! I can personally indulge in all of these! I love the ritual of a hot drink- making a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning or enjoying tea right before bed.

What is your go-to cup of cozy?

Click here for a PDF of warm drink recipes for you to try this winter!

Looking for something that doesn't require a recipe? Here are a couple of my favorites:

My all time favorite tea is the Tazo lemon loaf tea because it's herbal, caffeine free, and with a little half and half or coconut almond milk it tastes totally decadent! And yes, I order the 6 box pack because I love it and drink it that much! (And yes, that is a Rae Dunn mug! It was a gift and she totally knew what she was doing because it is so nice and big... perfect for a comforting evening mug of tea and a reminder to seek serenity.)

For coffee, I'm really loving Bones Coffee lately - especially the sample packs so I can try their different flavors! I also found that having a sample pack made for great self-rewards to give me something to look forward to as I finish phases of my workout programs! The flavoring is really great and makes it easy to just enjoy the coffee (I still use a splash of half and half just because I like the touch of creaminess) without adding syrups or sweeteners. My favorite flavors are the Mint Invaders, Electric Unicorn and the Strawberry Cheesecake but I haven't found a flavor that I don't like yet so try them out. Use this link for $5 off your first order! 

Out with the Old

A new year is all about FRESH starts! Why not begin at home? After all the “new” that may have come in your house post-holidays, it’s time to get OUT WITH THE OLD. Starting the new year with an organized home helps so much with overwhelm!

No one likes throwing away perfectly good stuff, so think animal shelters for towels and sheets, and donation centers for clothes and toys. Have extra toiletries or make up samples? Women’s shelters will take those! Always wash whatever you are donating before you drop it off - that’s just good manners!

Not sure where to start? My favorite spots are my linen closet, pantry and makeup drawer! I always find spices that are way over their expiration date! What are you excited to part with?

Click here to download this handy PDF!

Once you've got stuff out, it's time to get organized! I've been doing a LOT of this since the start of quarantine and have made a lot of great use out of some clear bins of various sizes and a couple of carts. 

I also use this cart for my sewing machine and other supplies - I just don't have a pic of my set up!

Produce Keepers:

Fridge and freezer organization bins:

Cabinet and drawer organizers:

Several of my these items are available for quick shipping through Amazon Prime. Don't have an account already? Try it out for 30 days free on me!

Gifting Health in 2020 - For the Runner

This list is one of a few to come this holiday season so keep checking back for more ideas and search the label "Gifting Health in 2020" for my other guides! Need your gifts in a hurry? Several of my recommended items are available for quick shipping through Amazon Prime. Don't have an account already? Try it out for 30 days free on me!

For a sport that's just "go out and run", I've found that there are a LOT of great gadgets and accessories that make it so much better. If you've got a runner on your list (or you're a runner looking for a list of ideas to send on to someone else), I hope this guide helps! Special thanks to my running fam group text for sharing some of their favorites too! 

The perfect, stay in place headband 

I have found it so tough to find headbands that fit well and stay put without giving me a headache so I've gotta give a shout out to my longtime friend and honorary little sis, Jasmine, for making the softest headbands that actually STAY PUT for me regardless of what activity I'm doing (if you follow my Instagram stories, you've probably seen me wearing some of her designs). I can't get enough of her perfect fabric choices and stylish but functional design.

And the best part? When I asked if I could link to her Etsy shop, she offered to create a promo code just for us! Use GABI15 to save 15% on her shop through her Christmas 2020 gift deadline of December 19th. 

You can browse her entire Etsy shop here (don't miss her limited edition holiday headbands!) but I've also linked to a few specific ones that I think are extra cute.

Hand strap water bottle

Personally, I don't find the waist band / fanny pack water bottle carriers comfortable. I'll wear a running belt but it's gotta be lightweight and I don't put more than a few hydration gels, keys, and maybe my phone in it. This handy carrier fixed that though. I can strap it on snug enough that I don't need to grip or tighten my hands unnaturally and it makes seeing my phone easy without making me pause or mess with my stride to take it out of my running belt or twist my arm to see it through an arm band window (and arm bands always seem to fall down on me). I ran the Detroit marathon with this last year and while I shifted it from one hand to the other over the course of the 26.2 miles, I found this to be my favorite way to carry water and have my phone handy over every other accessory I've tried!
Want to help them kick up the value of their water? I highly recommend adding some craving busting tea, hydration boosting formula, or plant-based energy and focus supplement to their gift. 

BEVVY - this 15 calorie tea supplement includes decaffeinated green tea phytosomes, brewer's yeast peptides, and fiber to help curb cravings without synthetic colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, gluten, dairy, or soy! Personally, I prefer the pomegranate flavor but the lemon is good too!

Hydrate - even the slightest dehydration can knock you off your game so it helps to have a little extra help with absorbing fluids and electrolytes. Your usual sports drinks are filled with artificial ingredients and sugars that can actually dehydrate you but this formula is free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. It's designed for workouts but I even use it on rest days to kick off my day with as much hydration as I can get from my first bottle of water! Oh and for the marathon, I actually made these into little hydrate / energize gels for a little extra help along the way!

Energize - this is another one that I drink on rest days too (usually just a half dose on those days) for focus and an energy life. A lot of pre-workouts leave you with that buzzed feeling but this formula leaves out the artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Oh and it tastes great so it's a win win! I like mixing the lemon and mixed berry flavors a lot but the fruit punch might be my favorite. You can't go wrong though with any of the flavors IMO. 

Medal Display

Whether your runner prefers casual 5Ks, full marathons, or anything in between, they're going to start collecting medals and that's a lot more fun when they have somewhere to display them! I've been hanging mine off of shelves for a while with the help of some weighted objects and tape over the ribbons while the medal dangles over the edge of the shelf but I've got these two on my wish list and I'm sure your runner would love something like this too!

Light up running vest

It can get scary to do outdoor runs when the weather is anything other than 100% sunny and clear. I'm so grateful for my friends who recommended this vest because WOW! I've gotten a lot of compliments on how visible it is and I love that it doesn't add a lot of bulk or funny, offset weight to my stride. It's easy to wear, quick to adjust, super lightweight, and does the job well. 10/10 highly recommend!

Bright clothing like this tank top

Speaking of visibility, bright clothing can make a big difference too. This tank top is not only one of the most comfortable I've ever run in (no chafing!!) but it practically glows on its own!

My favorite running leggings

I definitely don't lack curves or height (I'm 5'10" for those who don't know) so it can be tough to find leggings that stay put, don't roll, and flatter, so I can't not tell you about these leggings! They're my favorites for runs, yoga, weight lifting... I can't get enough of them. Good leggings can get super expensive but dollar for dollar, I've been really happy with the quality of these - no loss of color, stretch, or support so far! (Oh - and they have a pocket!!!! My phone and ID both stay put on even long runs - big win!)

Arnicare gel

This recommendation comes from my running fam as a big help for getting over and moving through all sorts of soreness and muscle tenderness that comes from hard runs. It's not greasy, doesn't have a strong scent, and is based on natural ingredients - a total win and a great stocking stuffer!

Calming magnesium supplements

Another great recommendation from my running fam and another great stocking stuffer - calming magnesium! This one doesn't have any added sugars and will help your runner relax and get the rest they need to be ready for the next run. As someone with anxiety, I can tell you I'm definitely up for anything that might help calm my worries and settle my mind!

Weighted blanket

Another favorite among those who need help with anxiety and getting better rest between runs (I think there's a strong correlation between those with general anxiety and those who run... maybe it's just me?) is a weighted blanket. I love mine but the amount of recommended weight depends on the size of the person so you may want to search around a little. I recommend finding one with a removable cover for easy cleaning!

HY IMPACT massager

Ok so the theragun gets a lot of attention and I've heard a lot of amazing things but a close runner friend of mine recently got this one for only $40. He's been using it a lot and he's had his own fair share of running injuries, soreness, even surgeries. I've never heard him rave about a product like this one so you'd better believe I'm including it here... and on my own wishlist!


Looking for a lower tech massager? This one is an all time favorite of runners. I think I've seen it recommended in every running magazine I've ever read and for good reason. It's simple and gets the job done for those annoying little knots - especially along the calves which are notoriously tough to stretch!

Body Glide

As anyone who has run or watched The Office can tell you, chafing is real and it's awful (I'll spare you from the bloody Andy gif here but if you know, you know). Nearly every runner I know swears by Body Glide on those skin to skin or sensitive skin to fabric contact points. Help your runner stock up on this distance MUST!

Feetures socks

There's a fine line between no-show socks and socks that disappear under your foot and into your shoe but this brand makes it happen! Since your socks can make or break a good run (I once had to take more than a week off of running when a bad pair of socks resulted in awful and deep ankle chafing), these will be a pair your runner will be happy to find under the tree!

Hand and toe warmers

In cold weather, nothing can bring a run to a halt like cold fingers and toes and sometimes even the best socks and mittens can't make it happen. Toss a couple of these hand and toe warmers in your gift for your runner or anyone else who spends time outside in the cold!

AfterShokz headphones

Running on the roads with normal headphones can be risky because they can make it harder to hear the sounds of cars around you. These headphones do the job because they don't actually sit in your ear but still deliver great sound to keep you moving to the music without blocking out those important audible cues of a car engine or tire sound!

Buff Multifunctional Headwear

These have become a popular item in runner goody bags and for a good reason! You really can use these as headbands, neck warmers, for holding hair back... the possibilities really are endless. I actually use two of them for runs in the winter - one as a hat that doesn't slip off because it doesn't have to hold all my hair and one over my neck - because they're lightweight and don't leave me feeling sweaty, just warm! (I also use them for protecting my curly hair at night - bonus!) They come in a variety of colors and patterns so you're sure to find at least one that your runner will love!

Running Coaching Program

No matter how trained up your runner is, we can all benefit from some extra coaching! A lot of runners also find it easy to forget about balancing their runs with strength training and stretching... fortunately we've got a trainer to help with that! This program is designed to improve your pace and stride - regardless of your baseline - and has audio or video for running both out on the road or on your home treadmill. There's even a workout option for those days that running outside is a no-go but you want the right cardio anyway. Got questions on how to make the most of picking this program? Shoot me a note at and we'll talk!

I hope you like those ideas and find them helpful in supporting your favorite runner with fun gifts this holiday season! If you think of any others, I'd love to hear them! You're also welcome to send this list on to anyone who might need a little hint ;-)

Happy Holidays! Hope you and yours stay safe and healthy!

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