Let’s start at the very beginning


Everyone has to start somewhere and the beginning (or rebooting) of making healthy changes is no different. In our experience with our own journeys and from working with others, we’ve been able to break down and (hopefully) simplify the getting started process.

The way we see it, if we can help you keep it simple and see results sooner, you’re more likely to get addicted to the healthy lifestyle that will give you more joy and confidence!

Does a 3 Step Building Block process sound simple enough? Implement these three steps in whatever order works best for you but do try to just take them on one by one – hence the phrase “building block”.

In no particular order…

Building Block 1 – Drink water instead of … well… everything. No, coffee, tea, and juice aren’t all inherently bad for you but when you’re trying to knock bad habits it can be a lot easier to just wipe the slate clean. Your target number of ounces of water is your weight in pounds divided by two.  Nice cool water can help boost your metabolism too which will help prevent that afternoon crash!

Building Block 2 – Write down what you eat. Don’t worry about counting calories (yet) or measuring out all of your food but be honest and descriptive with your tracking. For example, instead of listing “salad” as your lunch out with your coworkers, make sure you’re being honest with “large salad with grilled chicken breast, bacon, shredded cheddar, and ranch dressing”. After a couple weeks of this general tracking you’ll be able to look back, see your patterns, and habits that you’ll want to work on will practically jump off the page.

Building Block 3 – Get up and move for at least 10 minutes a day. There are all sorts of programs, workouts, and classes out there and that’s all well and good (we can recommend quite a few of them) but if you haven’t been active in a while, those may be a bit intimidating. Instead, focus on getting up and moving for at least 10 solid minutes a day. Go for a walk, try part of that aerobics video you stashed years ago, walk up and down your stairs, take the long way around the office a few times to refill that water bottle, or jump rope. Whatever it takes that doesn’t feel like a chore to you but do your best not to watch each second as it ticks away on the clock. The goal is to get moving, go for at least 10 minutes and find joy in the movement!

It’s that easy to get started, really! It may not always seem that way but if you get lost in the debates on the best workouts, foods, supplements, etc., you’re more likely to feel overwhelmed and a lot less likely to get started.  We want to see you be successful so we encourage you to start here and give it a few weeks. It takes 21 days to make a new habit so you’ll need 3-5 weeks to really get all three of these changes going in your everyday life!

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  • Before and after weight
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