5 Tricks to Beat the Treats!


We shared these tips in our Beat the Treats 5 Day Prep Group this week but they're too good not to share with you too! Happy Halloween!!

  1. Drink your shakeo, have a salad, eat lots of veggies… you get the idea… BEFORE opening that bag of candy for the door or helping your kids sort through their loot. A full tummy is a source of willpower!
  2. Buy candy you don’t really like so you’re not tempted to stash or snitch some for yourself!
  3. Weigh-in today or tomorrow morning AND do a workout both days. Having a very recent snapshot of your progress will help you stay determined!
  4. Walk the route with your kids if you can ask someone else to man your door. This way you avoid sitting there with a bowl of candy AND you can get out and get moving. When’s the last time you talked to that neighbor halfway down the street anyway?
  5. Allow yourself a few!! We don’t believe in total deprivation -- just make a deal with yourself first that you’ll just have 5 fun-size candies or 2 of the cupcakes at that Halloween party but only if you have ALREADY worked out that day.

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