Just a little tip when it comes to herbs...

Fresh herbs are a great way to make the healthiest dishes more tasty... but doesn't it seem like they go bad before you really get a chance to use all of them? 
  1. Try this next time you have fresh mint or rosemary or basil or (insert your favorite herbs here):
  2. Wash and trim all of it so it's ready to use. 
  3. Chop it up so it's fairly fine (but not too tiny!)
  4. Fill up ice cube trays with the chopped up greens and enough water to hold it all together.
  5. Store frozen and add to dishes, smoothies, shakes, etc. as you want them! 

Don't want the extra water from the ice? Allow the herb cube to melt in a coffee filter so the water can drain out, leaving you with the fresh leaves!

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