Two sides, one coin

There's this coin that's been flip-flopping on social media over the past couple of years that seems to be so filled with emotion that we're forgetting that we're arguing about two sides of the same coin. 

Side one: You should love your body and yourself the way you are and expect others to do the same. 
Side two: You should work to be healthier and happier than you are today. 

Can you take a step back with me and take another look at this? Let's think about this in terms of someone we love besides our own selves. 

Do we love them the way they are? Of course we do! 
Do we want them to be their happiest and healthy selves? Absolutely!
Do we know that they do have flaws they could improve on to be their happiest and healthy selves? Yeah, we usually do.
Do we love them anyway? You bet!

So why can't we treat ourselves the same way? We can love ourselves and yet work on being happier and healthier! 

So here comes the tough love:

There's a difference between healthy curves and unhealthy extra weight. 
There's a difference between wallowing in self-hate or pity and motivating yourself to improve. 
There's a difference between being jealous of what others have and being inspired by the health and lives of those around you.

To truly love yourself means taking care of yourself. It means taking care of your life and taking the steps you need to be the badass you really are. It means acknowledging that there's a difference between "I love myself and you can't tell me I'm overweight -- just love my curves" and "I love myself and I deserve to be healthy so I'm going to talk with my doctor about my health and a plan to make that happen".

Love, whether it's love for ourselves, our significant others, our families, or our friends, is about action and doing. Why can't we do for ourselves like we do for others. 

I know it's not easy -- trust me, I was the captain of the "I hate and pity myself" bus for a while there -- but it is so worth it. Take hold of that coin (both sides of it) and tell remember that truly loving yourself is about taking care of yourself. Then take a deep breath, smile, and take a step forward. Keep doing that more days than not and you'll find your healthiest and happiest self every day. 

If that isn't true love, I don't know what is!

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