Free VIrtual Health Resource Workbook

This is a crazy time... for those who may not see this until months from now (and I'll note it for posterity, too) we're in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are staying home as much as possible and avoiding as much social interaction as possible which means most of us are totally off of our normal routine.

In light of all of that, I rushed a project I've had on my list for weeks now: a workbook filled with virtual resources at little to no cost to help anyone who needs to get started without the benefit of a gym or in-person help. It's going to keep changing as I get your feedback and I find / create more to add to it but it's available to grab now!

It got a little big with all of the info and links I included (I actually had to compress it a bit in order for my email service to accept it!) but if you drop your email here, you'll get it sent to your inbox right away. You won't be added to my regular email list - this is a special group I'll be sending things to separately - so please don't hesitate to request it if it might help you! I've loaded it with free workouts, info on how to get a 2 week free workout streaming trial, recipe links, and more.

May you and yours stay healthy and sane during this time! Oh and if you need a little extra community, come join us (now or anytime!) in our online health tribe:


  1. Rushed a project I have had on my listing for weeks now: a workbook packed with virtual assets at little to no cost to assist all people who wishes to Pay For Research Papers get started with out the benefit of a fitness center or in-character assist.

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