World Breastfeeding Week Specials & Deals - 2019

I had no idea how much STUFF I would want / need while breastfeeding (which yes, includes both nursing and pump to bottle feeding!) but I've found some things that have really helped me. Check out my other articles this week for some of my favorite individual products on my breastfeeding journey as well as these special deals / promos for World Breastfeeding Week 2019.

I don't earn any commission on these -- totally just sharing so you know what all is out there! And keep checking this week -- I'll add more deals and promotions as I hear about them!

I've purchased and love quite a few tops and dresses from Latched Mama and have gotten compliments on all of it! For World Breastfeeding Week 2019, they're including free gifts and free shipping on qualified orders. I don't want to steal her thunder (yay for momma owned businesses!) so head on over here for more info:

How can I put this? I loooooove my Sarah Wells Bags. Seriously. They're beautiful, functional, spacious enough for my pump and everything I need without being this hideous, funky shaped thing. Created with mommas in mind AND she's built an amazing community of fellow breastfeeding mommas who always support each other (definitely one of my favorite Facebook groups!). In addition to launching a new print AND a new product (which you can get for free with an $49 order on, she and her team are hosting an EPIC giveaway. For more details on that and to get entered, check out this site

Leggings are life -- especially postpartum -- and the BLANQI leggings were a must for me because of how high the waist is (tough to find since I'm tall!) and the perfect level of support. They're also great for coverage when you don't wanna do the two shirt trick and aren't wearing a nursing shirt! Check out their 40% off sale on postpartum leggings and tanks here

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