A Cup of Cozy

What is your warm drink of choice? Do you love your coffee in the morning? Or do you enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or before bedtime? What about hot chocolate- or the ever popular hot chocolate bombs?! I can personally indulge in all of these! I love the ritual of a hot drink- making a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning or enjoying tea right before bed.

What is your go-to cup of cozy?

Click here for a PDF of warm drink recipes for you to try this winter!

Looking for something that doesn't require a recipe? Here are a couple of my favorites:

My all time favorite tea is the Tazo lemon loaf tea because it's herbal, caffeine free, and with a little half and half or coconut almond milk it tastes totally decadent! And yes, I order the 6 box pack because I love it and drink it that much! (And yes, that is a Rae Dunn mug! It was a gift and she totally knew what she was doing because it is so nice and big... perfect for a comforting evening mug of tea and a reminder to seek serenity.)

For coffee, I'm really loving Bones Coffee lately - especially the sample packs so I can try their different flavors! I also found that having a sample pack made for great self-rewards to give me something to look forward to as I finish phases of my workout programs! The flavoring is really great and makes it easy to just enjoy the coffee (I still use a splash of half and half just because I like the touch of creaminess) without adding syrups or sweeteners. My favorite flavors are the Mint Invaders, Electric Unicorn and the Strawberry Cheesecake but I haven't found a flavor that I don't like yet so try them out. Use this link for $5 off your first order! 


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