Out with the Old

A new year is all about FRESH starts! Why not begin at home? After all the “new” that may have come in your house post-holidays, it’s time to get OUT WITH THE OLD. Starting the new year with an organized home helps so much with overwhelm!

No one likes throwing away perfectly good stuff, so think animal shelters for towels and sheets, and donation centers for clothes and toys. Have extra toiletries or make up samples? Women’s shelters will take those! Always wash whatever you are donating before you drop it off - that’s just good manners!

Not sure where to start? My favorite spots are my linen closet, pantry and makeup drawer! I always find spices that are way over their expiration date! What are you excited to part with?

Click here to download this handy PDF!

Once you've got stuff out, it's time to get organized! I've been doing a LOT of this since the start of quarantine and have made a lot of great use out of some clear bins of various sizes and a couple of carts. 

I also use this cart for my sewing machine and other supplies - I just don't have a pic of my set up!

Produce Keepers:

Fridge and freezer organization bins:

Cabinet and drawer organizers:

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