Quiet workouts, loud results


Yes, I'm (this is Gabriella btw) one of those crazy people who works out in the morning. No, I am NOT a morning person.

But here's the deal... I'm one of those people who is done when she leaves work. Not just done. DONE. D.O.N.E. 

Sure, when I need to work out in the evening for whatever reason, I can make it happen (usually with lots of pushing and prodding and frustration of my dear husband) but it's not my favorite. 

Doesn't it feel good when you get to head home for the day knowing that all you have to do is enjoy dinner and your family or doing your favorite hobby? 

My workouts in the morning usually have to be quiet so I don't wake up Curt or our boys when they're with us (I'm still working finding the perfect pair of bluetooth headphones for my music those mornings) but it's totally worth it, not just because I get my workout done but also because I'm more focused on other behaviors during the day when I've worked out first thing!

Some of the changes you might notice when you switch to morning workouts include:
you'll eat better because you're thinking "I got up at 5 to work out, I'm not going to waste that"
you will be more awake during the day (ok maybe not when you're first adjusting but you'll get there) because you hyped your metabolism right away
you'll be more consistent with your workouts because nothing gets in the way of getting it done

And all of this means that even if you have to do your workouts in the dark of morning with headphones on or the volume down, you'll see LoUd results over time!

What time do you work out?

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