Take Back Your Time

Did you set a resolution to have more margins in your day this year? More time for the things that you love? With the right intentions for your day and a little dedication to a schedule, you can take back your time this New Year and build habits that will last the whole year through!

Thursday to Thursday Rule: Fridays are Fun, Saturdays are busy and Sundays are scary, so why wait to plan the rest of our days then? Thursday afternoon, take out your weekly planner (paper or digital!) write in the things you know you have to do over the following week.

Schedule Your Workout Like an Appointment: Every time you say, “I don’t have time”, try “That’s not a priority to me” and see how that feels! Sucky, right? You wouldn’t schedule a dental appointment and then skip it 5 minutes before, so why do we do this to our workouts ALL the time? Remember that planner from #1? After you add in the must do’s of your week, add in your workout times! Make an appointment with yourself and don’t skip it. YOU are way more important than that tooth cleaning!

The Cupcake Method: So your week ahead is looking pretty good, let’s focus in on the day-to-day! I like to follow the cupcake method to plan my day. Starting with the cake, what are three things you MUST DO in your day? Write those in first. Make sure they are must-dos; prioritize your time and ask, “Can this wait til later?” Then, move to the icing! Write down three tasks that would be bonus-dos. Lastly, SPRINKLES! What is the one thing you’d like to do as a reward for yourself for taking back your time? You deserve it!


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