The magic of the foam roller!

How did I survive before my foam roller? Seriously. Are you using one of these yet? Anyone who works out but especially anyone who runs should have one of these!

So how can you make the most of it? 

  • Hot roller: If you can, roll when your muscles are already warmed up (like after a workout) to get the best stretch without causing damage. 
  • Slow and steady: Don't rush the process. Taking it slow enables a deeper (and better!) stretch.  
  • Under (less) pressure: If you can't workout until you get your muscles and joints moving again, start with lower pressure by using your arms and legs to support some of your body weight until your muscles heat up. 
  • Floor. Foam. You. : From the ground up, those are your layers. You're going to use your own body weight to roll deeper into your muscles so you want the roller right on the floor. 
  • Stretch-hurt is good, pain is bad: I can't stress this enough... Listen to your body!! You know the difference between "hurts so good" that you know is gonna make you feel awesome later and pain that means something more is going on. If you feel pain for more than a week, call your doc.

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