Make it with me - Gut friendlier, collagen coffee

When I started working on my gut health, the advice was to cut back to 3 cups of coffee per week. I really wasn't thrilled at that idea. I love my coffee both for the taste and the ritual so I started looking into the research done on coffee and gut health and found a few ways to get more of the benefits and less of the negative impacts (but still keep it simple). Want to make it with me? Here's how I make my coffee and why:

Adding a collagen boost - ok so the collagen I use isn't for gut health but it helps my skin, nail, and hair and adding it to my coffee is an easy way to use it daily.

Frothed almond milk - dairy isn't always gut healthy (personally, I've found that I'm sensitive to it) so I've switched to almond milk. I also make my own with the help of my Almond Cow to avoid any additives that could have a negative impact. Oh and my Instant Milk Frother (by Instant Pot) has definitely earned its permanent spot on the counter! Click here to save $25 on your Almond Cow purchase!

Pour-over brew - with a glass carafe and steel filter, you can avoid plastics which can have a negative impact on your gut and overall health. (It's also better for the environment so win win!). To control my water temp, I use this gooseneck kettle with thermometer. Total game changer!

Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee with Probiotics - no, it does NOT taste like mushrooms. I love the taste, it has a lower acidity, and the added prebiotics and heat-resistant pro- and prebiotics are great for your gut! Click here to save $20 on your first Four Sigmatic order!

Letting coffee cool (and then reheating it) can change the taste of your coffee and while your best coffee is going to be within an hour or so after brewing, using my Ember coffee mug keeps my coffee at the perfect temperature without having to heat it up and risk overheating.

What's your coffee ritual? Let's hear it! Don't forget to pin / save / share this to refer to later!


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