For Beginners Only with Lacee Green

Are you a part of our BODi community? If you are, I have a special announcement! Our brand new Super Block with our brand new Super Trainer is coming! Super Blocks start the 1st Monday of the month- so mark your calendars for March 6th! This Super Block is free to ALL BODi members!

If you haven’t worked out with Lacee- you’re missing out! She does her own workouts on BODi and she has been killing it on BOD as Megan Davies’ modifier in her MBF, MBFA, and Sure Thing programs. And now, Lacee is getting her own program called “For Beginners Only”! 3 weeks of brand new workouts - perfect for those that are just getting started and those who need to recommit to simple moves and a manageable workout schedule.

Lacee’s goal is to get your confidence back by building a workout foundation and just, well, starting.

Do you know someone in need of a fresh, beginner’s start? Do you want to take it back to basics this March? Email me with LACEE in the subject line and I’ll make sure you have all the access you need to start with her on Monday, March 6th (or whenever you're ready)! 

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