Power Coffee Creamer

Make your morning routine ☕️ work for you and ♻️ more eco-friendly! In a small glass jar combine

🥛 milk of your choice

🥥 coconut sugar (less of an insulin response compared to most other natural sweeteners)

💪 collagen protein (I use the @vitalproteins brand)

This way, instead of a coffee takeout cup and lid or those little creamer containers, I have a lot less waste for tasty coffee.

☕️ Once I get to work, I pop this jar (without the lid!!) into the microwave while I pour my coffee. A little shake of the jar once it’s warmed (and the lid is back on) turns it nice and frothy before I add it to my mug. What do you think? Easy enough way to give your morning a little extra boost?

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